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Credentials: News & Updates

Regional Experience

Projects worked on

We helped launch regions first Digital Challenger bank and world’s first Digital Sharia’ah compliant bank in 2015. The bank went on to onboard thousands of customers and raising a deposit of over $3bn making it one of the most successful digital only bank globally

Following the successful launch in KSA, the team helped define the value proposition for Bahrain and launch the bank in 2018 with regions first fully digital onboarding & KYC process using video call.

We’ve recently helped designed Bahrain’s digital only challenger bank, called ila. Simplifying the customer journey to retail and SME customers, transforming banking and creating a bank designed for digital.

We went further by targeting the large population in Egypt, mostly under-served, we developed an incentive based customer experience, created a brand designed in digital not only for an app but also to provide superior customer experience

International Experience

Brands worked for

Credentials: News & Updates
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